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Sanket Redekar

Vancouver, Canada

Hello! I’m Sanket Redekar a coder by passion & an avid traveller. A Web Developer with 5+ years of professional and over 6 years of experience working on web development projects. I started it in my engineering days with internship in IIT Bombay for project of Virtual Labs. I worked as a software engineer developing various web portals in Ingram Micro, Mumbai for 4 years. Now I am based in Vancouver, Canada working as a Front End Engineer at Zonda Urban.

Playing Fifa is a stress buster and coding is much more than job work.`In the world full of digital products , UX is the differentiator` is the quote I follow.

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Video games



Front End Engineer

September 2021 - Present | Zonda Urban

Started working as a Front end engineer in Zonda Urban in September 2021. Started as a lone front end developer I look after all the front end tasks of the NHSLIVE which is subscription platform of Zonda Urban. NHSLive is the most comprehensive and intuitive property data portal available, providing users with anytime access to the market information and analysis tools they need. Later on was assigned to another project working with a team of developers following agile principles

      Initially, As a development team Startup with just 3 members, I also took the inital responsibility of understanding the devops process with bitbucket pipeline and jfrog to gain the devops self sufficiency.
      Using Figma/Canva to create mockup designs and then converting them into react components.
      Converting the legacy code written with React class component to React functional component
      Following agile methodology with task tracking and daily standups.
      Introducing new features and functionality to the portal for eg, using ag-grid react component making data entry process smoother.
      Working on second project with Angular framework and Material UI, building angular components and creating API calls with NodeJS
      Actively participating in UI/UX discussions, suggesting and implementing changes to enhance the user experience on the portal

Full Stack Web Development

May 2021 - August 2021 | Microsoft

Worked as a full stack web developer in a team of 6 for the industry project with Microsoft as our client. As a team we were given a project brief to create a web portal which shows the growth of tech industry in the Vancouver region over the years. I took lead in the technical part of the project. Understanding what information is available with the various api's provided third party companies. Also learnt the concept of data visualization to understand how cleanly data could be represented using graphs and other visualization techniques. Using the ANT Design as framework for graphs and visualization alongwith Bootstrap components for React framework, we were able to deliver a working prototype in the form of a web portal. Used React framework for front end and Nodejs for backend api's. To host the website I learnt Azure CI/CD pipeline and was able to have working protoype hosted on Microsoft Azure.s

Full Stack Web Development

Jan 2021 - April 2021 | Major Tom

Worked as a full stack web developer in a team of 6 for the industry project with Major Tom as our client. We were given a project brief to build an affordable premium product placement bidding system to improve the revenue stream for independent grocery stores and provide brands with premium product placement online. After initial weeks of user research, brainstorming and development in last phases we came up with prototype of Dangle - an all-in-one ad solution platform for both grocery stores and brands to connect and efficiently bid for available ad placements displayed on grocery stores’ websites. I worked on creating a Shopify App for grocery owners who have their online store on Shopify. Used NextJS integrating with NodeJS to develop the shopify app. Also developed a web portal for brands using NextJS, Bootstrap framework for the front end and NodeJS for backend api's with MySQL as the database.

Software Engineer

2016 - 2020 | Ingram Micro SSC Pvt Limited

Worked as a software engineer at Ingram Micro , Mumbai. Have managed and designed the reseller portal of the company , later on moved on to the quoting tool developed using CRM. Used the Agile Methodology, Git as well as TFS for Version Control on all projects. During the course of time have worked on various technologies like HTML5,css,javascript,angular, Reactjs for web portal. Also worked on the analytics part of the ecommerce website using google analytics and google tag manager as tools. Worked and implemented chatbot on the web portal using botengine as tool. Helped bridge departmental gaps and acquired new skillsets by collaborating closely with different teams during projects

Notable achievements :

  • Champion of the Month - JULY 2017
  • Hackathon 1st Position - August 2017
  • Hackathon 3rd Position - August 2019

Final Year Project

2015 - 2016 | IIT - Bombay

Worked on project of HelpMaps from IIT-B in final year of engineering.The project was based on idea of giving a platform for the users to help people in need using the google maps api.Project got prize in Tantravihar , which is project exhibition competition.

No Life Without Cricket (NLWC)

2014 -

With love for Cricket and passion of coding created a website No Life Without Cricket in the 3rd year of engineering. NLWC is a fantasy prediction league website where users predict for the cricket matches. It is also a blogging website which gives a chance for all cricket lovers to express the writer within them. Initially developed the website with HTML,CSS and JS for frontend and PHP as backend but recently used ReactJS framework with Bootstrap and redesigned the whole site. NLWC instagram had 1,28,000 followers and over 2k followers on twitter. With help of the team also organised screenings for a couple of India's matches. Also created a Whatsapp Chabot (CricBot) for the IPL 2019 which helped user get live updates right on whatsapp. NLWC has not only helped me develop my technical skills but also helped me learn Social Media Marketing and event management.

Web Development Intern

2014 - 2015 | IIT - Bombay

Worked as an Intern at IIT Bombay in 3rd year of engineering for project of Virtual Labs.Virtual labs helped students to perform experiments online on the portal. Also presented the project at the inauguration of Digital India Week in July 2015.



2020 - 2022 | Masters - Digital Media

Graduated with Masters in digital media at the Center for digital media , Vancouver which is accredited by its four partner institutions, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


2012 - 2016 | BE - Information Technology

Completed Bachelor of engineering in the field of Information Technology from Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology , Mumbai affiliated to University of Mumbai, India with CGPA of 7.75 overall

Higher Secondary (H.S.C)

2010 - 2012 | Computer Science

Completed higher Secondary from K.C.College , Mumbai affiliated to University of Mumbai, India with 88%

Secondary (S.S.C)

2010 passout

Completed secondary education from R.M.Bhatt High School , Mumbai with 93.27%

Certifications / Achievements

Ingram Micro Hackathon 3rd Place


Certified Scrum Developer


Ingram Micro Hackathon 1st Place


Tantravihar Winners (Final Year Project exhibition)


Microsoft Technology Associate: Web Development Fundamentals


OYE Ngo (Organization for youth and elderly)


ITSA Creative Head





Adobe Photoshop | Adobe XD






Google Analytics








Node JS


React JS


Angular 2+






  • All
  • Chatbot
  • Website
  • Photoshop
  • Unity


“BC Tech Ecosystem Visualization” is an industry project in partnership with Microsoft Vancouver.By showing the evolution of BC tech changes over time, “BC Tech Ecosystem Visualization” is a platform for anyone interested in BC’s tech industry to explore the local tech trends and find useful information. It intends to become a gateway to Vancouver's innovation ecosystem, bringing everyone interested in BC's tech industry under one roof to witness the local evolution and global transformation.

  • Frontend : ReactJS, CSS, Bootstrap, Antdesign
  • Hosting: Azure CI/CD


A cricket blogging and fantasy website made with ReactJS as frontend and PHP as backend. The website is responsive progressive web application so users dont need to download mobile app seprately. Also managing and learning social media marketing with the social media account of NLWC on instagram which now has over 100K+ followers.

  • Frontend : ReactJS, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Backend : PHP
  • Database : MySQL DB
  • Hosting: Netlify for ReactJS deployment, Godaddy shared environment for PHP apis
  • Google analytics for tracking




Created a fully functional website in 2 days for NLWS FC which is a soccer club I play for in Mumbai. Modified a bootstrap theme from themeforest to suit our needs. In addition to the club's website it is also a fantasy website for the internal league which the club hosted.

  • Frontend : HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap , JavaScript, JQuery
  • Backend : NodeJS
  • Database : Firebase Realtime NoSQL Database
  • Hosting: Firebase functions for API's and Firebase hosting for website




Infohub is a learn to learn webportal where students/faculties can post learning materials which other students can refer to and learn. Created this in my first semester of Masters for the students of Center for digital media. It is a CMS portal with admin portal and front end portal both built from scratch

  • Frontend : ReactJS, CSS, JavaScript ES6+, Bootstrap, PHP for admin portal
  • Backend : PHP
  • Database : MySQL
  • Hosting: Netlify for ReactJS deployment, Shared hosting for PHP


Android App


Karma is an android app which lets the people to give help and also ask for help if required. It acts as a nexus between change seekers and change makers. Karma was a project which represented Ingram Micro at the IBM Call for code 2020. I worked on creating the backend API's and setting up the hosting environment.

  • Backend : NodeJS
  • Database : IBM cloudant NoSQL
  • Hosting: Firebase functions for hosting APIs


React WYSIWYG is a self learning project of WYSIWYG editor made in React. Create,Delete,Update blogs with frontend data stored as JSON.

  • Frontend : ReactJS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Hosting: Firebase hosting environment

Angular CRUD

Self learning project to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete data made in Angular framework. Data stored as a JSON on the client side.

  • Frontend : Angular Framework, Bootstrap for CSS, Javascript ES6 functions
  • Hosting: Firebase hosting environment




HelpMaps was the final year project engineering project which I worked on. It was a webportal on which people can pin location if they want help or if they want to help others by donating extra resources. Project got prize in the final year project exhibition. Project was developed under mentorship of faculty from IIT Bombay. Currently the project is not hosted.

  • Frontend : PHP, HTML, CSS, PolymerJS
  • Backend: PHP, Google maps api
  • Database: MySQL




A whatsapp chatbot which provided the users with the live score,fixtures,results etc of FIFA World Cup 2018. Live data fetched using live football api's.

  • Chatbot NLP : Google Dialogflow
  • Backend : NodeJS API's, Football Livescore api data, youtube api for highlights
  • Hosting: Firebase functions




A whatsapp chatbot which provided the users with information regarding the covid19 cases in their region/country/state. Used dialogflow for ChatBot logic, covid19india api for the cases in India and covid19-api npm package for world covid cases. Superbot was a global multilingual chatbot. It provided users with information regarding the myths,safety precautions with respect to COVID 19. It also provided links to download newspapers pdf in India. It was a successful project which helped users with accurate information on the go.

  • Chatbot NLP : Google Dialogflow
  • Backend : NodeJS API's, https://api.covid19india.org/ api, covid19-api npm package, google translate api
  • Database: Firebase realtime NoSQL Database
  • Hosting: Firebase functions


Unity WebGL


Alicerex was client project in first semester of master's. Our client was inanimate alice and we as a team of 6 were given a project brief to comeup with a product that would help make digital storytelling interesting for children. After a lot of user research and following a agile Methodology remotely we came up with concept of game for digital storytelling.
I worked as a developer and a co-product manager. Alicerex is an initial prototype for the kids to explore the world of alice inspired from the stories of Inanimate alice. It is a dialogue based game in which kids need to follow the instructions and understand the story of Alice. Quizes at the end of the chapters help kids to focus and learn alongwith playing

  • Frontend : Unity WebGL
  • Backend : NodeJS
  • Database: Firebase realtime NoSQL Database for authentication
  • Hosting: Firebase functions for NodeJS api, CDM Shared hosting for frontend

Evil Turtle

Unity WebGL


Developed a game as a part of Game Design course in Masters of digital media. We as a team of six went through the process of weekly meetings, brainstorming and documentation to create a game which was a unique idea. Evil Tortoise Racer is a third-person maze racing video game with the objective of winning against the speedier rabbit, achieved primarily by disrupting its journey. Through various powers to slow down the opponent or environmental elements capable of reshaping paths, the player is able to turn the event into an unfair race, ultimately to his advantage. We also had highscore feature which kept the users engaged and also made them play the game again and again

  • Frontend : Unity WebGL
  • Backend : NodeJS
  • Database: Firebase realtime NoSQL Database for storing highscore
  • Hosting: Firebase functions for NodeJS api, CDM Shared hosting for frontend

Gadget Guru Workshop Poster


The Professor




3D Drawing






Virat Kohli





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